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OCR scanned with errors, but still one of my favorite things that David Foster Wallace ever wrote: An article about David Lynch. It takes some doing to get through, and I know no one has time to read such irrelevancies anymore--it's about a movie that came out 13 years ago--but worth posting, just the same. He captures the way I feel about David Lynch's creepiness in a way I would never have been able to articulate. And of course he's hilarious as always. I love the multilayeredness, footnotes and interminable sentences. Some of that he has in common with other entertaining writers, but I love that DFW makes things so personal; he doesn't distance himself with irony (like, say, Dave Eggers.)

So, my crush on DFW continues posthumously. I have a thing for brilliant men. Too bad so many brilliant men are also crazy, moody, and self-obsessed.
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I've seen this posted around a lot lately; I'm saving it here for myself. I can totally imagine living in the Netherlands someday, especially because my grandparents were from there and I identify with my Dutch heritage more than the other bits of me. :)
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I love this Catherine Newman article; I love just about everything she writes. She has such a beautiful, human, funny way of revealing herself.

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This article does not even begin to touch the teeniest tip of the truth about the matter. But an article like this is so much better than none at all. I am really starting to feel like awareness of adult ADHD needs to be raised by 1000%. Of course I am still in the process of raising my OWN awareness!
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I found this article amusing. This is how I felt when I was vegetarian, at least once I got out into the "real world" where vegetarians are very much in the minority. When I was living, schooling and working in Adventist institutions I wasn't so much set apart.

I've been vegetarian for several long chunks in my life and I'm sure I will be again. I can almost feel it coming these days.


Apr. 14th, 2008 04:46 am
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I think Carolyn Hax is my favorite advice columnist.

I really liked this one about jealousy. There is lots of food for thought here. I've had such a complicated relationship to jealousy in my life. I think a lot of my friends who have known me a long time were probably surprised to learn about the role of jealousy in my current relationship. I used to be fatal-attraction-level jealous. I still might be, given the right circumstances. But it's no longer my default position.

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OK, so this article is unattributed and nonscientific and all that. I still like it. Food for thought.

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Went to see the Flaming Lips tonight at the Greek. They are SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME! It was really great to get out and do something at night for once, too. A concert, what a concept. I hadn't been to a concert since seeing Dark Star Orchestra on my due date, nearly 17 months ago! Well, and there was Led Kalapana a few days after that, but that was so tiny and intimate it was hardly a concert at all, more like hanging out in a bar with him.

I don't want to write much about the show--I want to leave some surprises in case you get to see them soon--but I will include here the article that I read in Esquire magazine in 2003 that inspired me to pick up a couple of their albums.


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