Mar. 23rd, 2009 08:08 am
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I know I posted when I got all my music ripped into MediaMonkey. That was really exciting.

Lately, I've been getting over my block against carrying an MP3 player. For one, I don't do headphones; I get a creepy feeling that someone could sneak up on me and I would never know. And I'm opposed to MP3s on principle; they don't sound good to me. I'm wedded to CD-quality sound. But then it occurred to me: I'm already carrying an MP3 player around--my iphone! And sound quality might not be so key in my car, where I'm already dealing with road noise. So I might as well use it and see how it goes.

I got an adapter thingie to play my iphone through my car stereo. I got all excited about the possibilities. Imagine not having to bring a book of CDs with me on car trips!

I started adding album art to my music. I reorganized my files and started converting them to MP3s (I have them stored in FLAC which is lossless.) I dumped all the MP3s into a folder for easy syncing to my iphone.

Then I decided to start figuring out how many songs I can put on my phone.

Turns out my 8GB iphone will only hold maybe 2000 songs. And that's if I don't have much else on it. I like to keep a couple of Super Why videos handy for emergencies. So, for me, 1000 songs.

Have I mentioned lately that I have more than 15,000 songs on my computer? I already have 500 songs in my MP3 folder, and I'm not even through the A's yet.

How am I going to choose which songs to put on my phone? How often am I going to have to reorganize and sync my music library? I was so excited to just dump everything on my phone. Not gonna happen.

Oh well. It'll still be nice to have some of my favorite music available in the car at all times.

How do you guys manage the contents of your portable music player? Are you out of room? How often do you shuffle things around?
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The power went out for a huge chunk of the city yesterday. I was just dragging out the drudgey old phone book to try to find the power company's phone number and simultaneously lamenting the fact that I'm not even sure I can find a phone number in an actual PAPER BOOK anymore, when Evan reminded me that I still had the internet up... ON MY IPHONE, BABY! YESSSSS!

Plus, when I look up a company's website, any phone numbers on it are highlighted like links, and when I tap the phone number it automatically dials.

I <3 my phone.


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