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I got this link from babyslime's LJ. This guy takes pictures of people on the streets of San Francisco and writes a little narrative with each one. I looked at every single picture and I found only one person I recognize: Esther, #54. I can't believe she is still out there. Click on this link to see her:

I'm not so eloquent and I have nothing profound to say, but that link sparked some memories to share.

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Does anybody remember Chinese Jacks? Blue just found my box of them from my childhood. I totally want some more because he spent like half an hour putting them together into a long chain, and anything that can occupy his mind and fingers for half an hour is something that I want.

I found two descriptions of how to play them and they both sound like things I used to do. If you used to play them, which method did you use?

I did not write either of these and I did only minimal editing so don't blame me for the syntax kthx )


Jul. 31st, 2008 09:50 am
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I was just reminded of the now-defunct Bay Area radio station KOME. I used to listen to KOME when I was in high school. It was classic rock--basically Led Zeppelin--at the time. Sometimes the announcers would break in and say "K O M E 98 point 5" but they also had some great tag lines. You'd be listening to Another Brick In The Wall and all of a sudden a deep voice would boom "Don't touch that dial, it has KOME on it!" Another one was "Wake up with KOME in your ear. 98.5 FM." Seriously thrilling for those of us in the dorms at a religious boarding school. I couldn't believe they got away with saying that on the air!


Feb. 28th, 2008 07:38 pm
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For my own records--I graduated from 8th grade with this girl and then she disappeared. I always wondered what happened to her. She was really trippy; there was something wrong with her physically but it was hard to say exactly what, and she was definitely unusual socially as well, but we made friends just fine. I remember she was staying at the San Roque motel on State Street with her mom and some strange man; I went to visit and we swam in the pool. She was definitely the only girl at my tiny private school who was living in a motel. Her mom was pretty weird too, but not physically, just socially or maybe mentally. I'm astounded that Maureen managed to have four kids plus a grandkid. I hope she had a lovely life.

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What is your earliest memory?

When I think back to my very earliest memories, most of them are traumatic in some way. This is not because I had a particularly traumatic childhood--I just think that scary or shocking events stick in the brain longer and more sharply for some reason. I have good memories too! Think back to some of your earliest memories. Are they mostly "good" memories, or mostly memories of scary or upsetting events? Tell me the story of your first memory. How old were you?

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