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I agree with everything Obama is quoted as saying in this article. My big problem with him is that I don't see him actually following through. But I know it's not completely up to him. To say the least.

Obama: GOP budget 'wrong for America' - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room


Nov. 13th, 2009 11:07 am
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So, some guys from Guantanamo will actually be brought to trial in NYC. This should be interesting.
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I'm not a fan of Schwarzenegger and I'm a huge Ammiano fan--love the way he was like GTFO! when Arnie showed up at an event here--but this is pretty LOL.

OK, it's not LOL that petty grudges would influence people's livelihoods or city development, but still.
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George W Bush has said and done a lot of heinous things during his 8 years of presidency. It would be hard to pick just one, or even a compendium, to point to on the last day before we inaugurate our new president. But here's a recent tidbit that really sticks in my craw. This is an excerpt from an interview during his last trip to Iraq--either just before or just after he had shoes thrown at his head. No matter how many times I watch this clip, I can't believe he said "So what." I just can't believe he cares that little about the consequences of his decisions.

P.S. This is my "Hell yeah!" icon. :)

ETA: OK, I changed the icon since the Hell Yeah icon seemed to be confusing. I meant Hell yeah, as in no more W, but the Obama icon says the same thing really.
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I'm having a hard time with this Rick Warren thing. I mean, I understand the whole inclusive, big-tent idea. In principle I think that's a great idea. But you have to draw the line somewhere. This guy says some pretty noxious things about gay people--noxious, unkind, mean-spirited things.

I just realized as I was watching a news clip about this that I have one of Warren's books--a very sweet and earnest lady gave it to me, and I haven't had a chance to read it to figure out whether there's anything there for me. Ha! I guess that goes to show you how pro-big-tent I am. I try not to hide from the ideas of any particular segment of society, with the exclusion of racists. I've had enough racism, I don't need any more, thanks. But I think that the inauguration is the wrong place to bring such a divisive figure. There will be no debate, no exchange of ideas. It's supposed to be an inspiring moment. It makes me really sad to think that the moment will be marred by this guy. Personally, I'd rather have Jeremiah Wright give the invocation.

I have a feeling that Obama is not the back-down type, though.


Nov. 20th, 2008 11:57 am
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WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!! Waxman's chairing the House Energy and Commerce Committee!

EDIT: Link for deets

Prop 8

Nov. 11th, 2008 10:30 pm
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Jameth's opinion on Prop 8. I actually think he is right, and I was saying something very similar to Aubrey earlier today. :D

Text of Jameth's post under here, quoted with permission )
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- I love voting by mail with a permanent absentee ballot!

- With all my attention focused on prop 8 and the presidential race, I wasn't aware of all the other state and county propositions on the ballot this time. Doesn't it seem like propositions to decriminalize sex work and to make possession of less than an ounce of marijuana an infraction rather than a misdemeanor would attract some attention? Not in California, I guess.

- Infraction = fine only, misdemeanor = possible jail time + fine. I had to look it up.

- This time I didn't vote entirely in lockstep with my local pinko rag. I feel that nearly anything that encourages the development of renewable energy needs to be supported right now--it's symbolic. Also, I almost always vote for bond measures for hospitals and health care providers. I've worked in a lot of hospitals, and none of them were rich.

- Can you imagine what would happen if prop K passed and actually had its intended effect? If police stopped arresting sex workers, instead focusing on arresting their abusers? Just imagine that for a second.

- If you can't understand why I would say what I just said, read "Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do." I linked to it in my profile. I am pro decriminalization for any consensual, victimless act. Crazy, huh?

- I love that the proposition to raise taxes on high-end property sales includes a tax discount for buildings with solar energy systems.

- Oh wait, I forgot about my favorite one. We actually get to vote on whether to rename our giant sewage plant after George W Bush. Seriously. My commie pinko rag says no--on the grounds that it would be an insult to the fine facility and the great work that the employees do there. They say "Let's name something truly awful after W." LOL

- What?! They want to bring back the JROTC? Uh, no.
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Lately I've been seeing so much (and collecting so much) video of the Republicans, and none of the Democrats. I started to think about why that is. Well, the Rs are sensationalistic these days. There are temper tantrums, folksy winks, train-wreck interviews, incoherence, seething refusals to shake hands with one's debate opponent or even to look at him, reptilian tongue thrusts, cheesy repetition of catch-phrases and talking points, and false accusations being thrown around. And let's not forget SNL parodies. Which all add up to some pretty fascinating video.

But then I thought, why am I not seeing as much video of Obama? This video shows a little bit of why I think that is. It also shows why I like him. He's calm, measured, engaged, intelligent, confident, and coherent. He talks about the issues rather than spending all his time attacking his opponents. He has plans that I largely agree with and he believes in those plans and in his team's ability to carry them out. He understands that a large part of the presidency is being a tone-setter, like the CEO of a major corporation--you have to communicate, give people a sense that someone is minding the store, let them know we're on the right track and call on them to participate. It may sound silly, but seriously guys, the figurehead aspect of presidency is SO important. Our mood and image as a nation depends on it. (Remember Ronald Reagan? Why do you think so many people loved him? Was it because of his policies? Or was it because he could convince them that we were A-OK?) Watch this video and imagine having this guy address the nation as we stumble through this crazy economic crisis, rather than our current 'president' who barely even bothers to show up on TV anymore.

EDIT: I am talking about the big video embedded in the story below, that says "Obama talks about the economy" or whatever.

Also, it kinda cracks me up how much he says "look."
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This link says a lot of the same things as the pdf I just painstakingly cleaned up and pasted into my LJ. But it's easier to pass around! :)

Prop 8

Oct. 8th, 2008 06:26 am
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Wait, suddenly we're upside down on Prop 8 in California? How did that happen? I thought it was a pretty comfortable No.


Well, I wasn't going to post this before, but now I think it may be useful. See, there's a conflict in my church about the issue of gay marriage. First, a Pacific-region church magazine published some lame-ass articles about why gay marriage is ooh, scary. I was so upset and disappointed--they don't usually get involved in politics or legal issues except for freedom-of-religion stuff, like helping Adventists sue when they lose their jobs for not working on Saturdays. I'm really hoping this isn't part of a trend. Anyway, in response, a group was formed called Adventists Against Proposition 8, with a petition and rebuttals and everything. The church then published an article acknowledging that there are different points of view, especially because the church is so interested in religious liberty and separation of church and state. The article with a quote by the president of the regional church union saying people should vote the way they think is best--which is more in line with what I'd expect to hear from them.

The following article contains a bunch of rebuttals against some of the arguments and legal cases being cited in the fear smear on Prop 8. I got it from Adventists Against Prop 8; apparently it was written by a Mormon lawyer in response to a flyer or something. Since the email from the Prop 8 I read yesterday said that Prop 8 is going under because of fear tactics around legal issues, I thought this info might come in handy for discussions, blog posts, etc. It's a little messy because I grabbed it from a pdf; I tried to clean it up as much as I could.

Read more... )
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When I say "we're all racists" this is what I mean.

This is not directed at anyone in particular. I just think it's interesting. :)
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Man, for me this election is all about YouTube and other video sites. I haven't been able to watch much of anything on TV, and I heard only the first part of the Obama/McCain debate on a car radio, but I'm loving all these clips I get on the political communities and on email. I've even started a little collection for myself on a private post.

I especially love what CBS is doing, essentially creating a VP debate by asking Biden and Palin the same questions and then displaying the answers one after the other. Pure gold. My favorite so far, even better than the supreme court one, is the Cheney one.

And I know that many many people are posting insightful critique and cogent thoughts about the election. I am not in a position to be able to put that kind of thing together right now. I also agree that too much focus on/criticism of Palin isn't going to help anything. But I just have to say this one thing. Every time I watch her speak, all I can think is "beauty pageant contestant." It's just the way she talks, the way she takes a breath and then just... goes for it, with a big ol' smile, saying nothing of substance but hitting the key words like marks on a stage.
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I just saw a quote from the Huffington Post that said something about Sarah Palin and global warming, "which she doesn't believe in, since she is a creationist." And that made me want to say that I looked at the evidence presented in An Inconvenient Truth, for example, with a creationist's eye, and found that even if a person rejected the arguments that are predicated on the world being millions of years old (and I know you'd think a person was crazy for doing that, but I'm just saying) there was plenty of evidence to convince even a young-earth creationist that global warming is real. I don't really understand why the assumption was made in the quote above that a creationist would not believe in global warming.
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I know I'm posting a lot of political stuff lately and I know I'm not the only one.

I really like this ad! I kindof hope he does more like this in the near future. Although I don't know if this approach will work with people who aren't already planning to vote for him. I have no perspective on what might work or not. Still, this is a nice, direct, calm, positive approach and I hope it helps.


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