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Here's a 53-minute video on white privilege that I wish everyone would watch.

What is this, controversy day on my LJ?


Mar. 9th, 2009 11:12 am
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If you're going to read a multi-threaded, cross-blogged discussion/argument/debate on race, be sure you set aside a few days. Especially if the particular teacup in which the tempest rages is the science fiction community. SF people read and write; I mean they really truly READ and they actually WRITE. A lot. So if you're going to try to follow all the individual arguments and discussion threads, and especially if you're going to try to figure out how and when the discussion originated, clear your calendar. It took me untold hours just to find a relatively concise summary of the spark that lit the match this time. And I've finally had to abandon the discussion in favor of revenue-generating pursuits. But I learned a lot, and that's the point. And I added a couple of LJers to my reading list, and found a bunch of really great links. Here's one I'd like to share with you:
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When I say "we're all racists" this is what I mean.

This is not directed at anyone in particular. I just think it's interesting. :)
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There's a lot of really good stuff in the comments of this post (though I gritted my teeth through the actual post):

Which leads to a couple of essential essays:

EDIT: The first entry has been locked. I asked the poster to consider unlocking it; if she ever does I will come back to it, because I'd love to discuss it with you guys.
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Already I am SICK TO DEATH of the constant fear-mongering and racist attacks on Obama. It's just so infuriating and so incredibly sad. One day it's "Oh he bumped fists with Michelle on his way to the podium" and the next day it's Curious George Obama t-shirts or Michelle being called his "baby mama" or some dumb YouTube video link being passed around that intones "Barack HUSSEIN Obama" about 50 times. The constant subtle message is "You can't trust this guy. He has a funny name. He's black. He might even be Muslim. He's a terrorist who will give everything to the BLACK PEOPLE! RUN!!!!!!"

I. AM. SO. SICK. OF. THIS. I am sick of racism. I am weary. I knew it would be bad, I knew there would be so much of this, and actually this is one of the best things about him being the Democratic candidate; there will be a whole lot of misunderstanding a whole lot of BS, but hopefully his candidacy will continue to stir up opportunities to discuss matters of race in this country. It's just... I don't know how much of it I am up for. Racism is a subject I have very passionate opinions about. But it's HARD to talk about, for a million reasons. For one, I feel so strongly that it's hard to form coherent sentences sometimes. Also, it's something people feel really defensive about. And the more I put into understanding POC points of view, the farther I get from the mainstream white point of view, and the harder it is to remember how to get from there to here. (Not that I have some exalted understanding, but I have put some time in.) And of course there's the fact that I am white and I really don't know much compared to your average American person of color, so I can't speak from any sort of authority and it's hard to try to educate someone else when you feel unsure of yourself. I feel the way I did for a long time about environmental issues. Since I am not a scientist and I did not have all the scientific facts at my disposal when challenged by a skeptic, plus I am not perfect on all environmental fronts (obviously!) I felt that I could not try to educate anyone else about maybe going a little greener. I'm over that one, but I feel the same way about issues of race. Plus, environmentalism can be spread by leading by example, my preferred method of any sort of change. Racism is not so easy--it must be challenged, discussed, examined; one can't just "lead by example" and hope to effect change.

Anyway. It's sad sad sad that it's come to this. But Obama has put together a page to debunk some of the more vicious myths that are circulating about him. Next time you get an email forward with some ridiculous rumor about him in it, you might want to reply with this website. It won't necessarily change anyone's mind ("Oh, but that's HIS website, he could be lying!") but at least you don't have to let the lie go unchallenged.

And there's always

That won't stop the monkey comparisons, either, but it's something.


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