Aug. 12th, 2009 01:17 pm
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I've been so, so sick since Sunday. Definitely getting a little better but I have absolutely zero energy. Just walking across the living room is fatiguing.
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Well, I did make it to the doctor yesterday. I had to see someone else in the office (not my regular doctor) who was snippy and dismissive, but she ordered a chest x-ray and gave me some meds. I am feeling somewhat better today and don't think I've had much of a fever, but still very weak and coughing a ton. I'm sure I'm on the mend though. So, yay! Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to clean up the house or something. I cancelled all my work meetings for the week.
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I'm sick! The plague that's been making its way around my household finally got to me. This is one of the nastier viruses and I was really hoping to skip it. What I hate about it, aside from the aches, shakes and chills, is that it starts out with a little cough, and then by day 2 (at least for me) it's all the way lodged in my chest, with a very deep nonproductive cough. For a person with asthma, this is the worst part. I've been using inhalers trying to make sure my lungs don't get too clogged up, but I just hate this feeling. I'm also trying not to cough much, and using expectorant + suppressant for that. I managed to work a full day yesterday in spite of this, but by evening I had to crawl into bed because I had awful chills and shaking. Woke up for more medicine at 4am and now I'm checking LJ because I didn't get to look at it at all yesterday and I am addicted to you guys.

My dear friends Brinn and Andrew own a restaurant here in SF called Q, and it'll be on the Food Network sometime soon! They don't know exactly when the film crew is going to show up, so they're on high alert. I'm so excited for them! They'll be on the show called Diners and something; I think it's the one with that guy with the backwards sunglasses. I saw it at George's house--George watched a lot of Food Network in spite of (or maybe because of) not being able to eat.

I sure miss George.

Anyway, I don't know when it will air, but if I find out I'll alert my FL. So exciting! I'm so proud of B & A.


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