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Stinky still won't eat. He just wants to lie under the bushes in the corner of the backyard, exactly where Hellfudge wanted to be when she was dying. His labs showed liver dysfunction and an elevated white count; the vet is pretty sure he has cancer and maybe an infection too. We got some medicine that might have made him feel better but he really really doesn't want to take it; I was hoping even the first dose of prednisolone might make a difference but it hasn't at all. So he's going to kitty heaven in a couple of hours.

He's gone from being an obnoxious kitten to a sweet, lovable old boy and I will miss him. Thanks for all your kind words.
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Stinky is really sick. Like, dying sick. He has lost at least half his (considerable) body weight, is not eating, and is very weak. The vet did an x-ray and took some blood yesterday. He thinks he feels an abdominal mass but it didn't show up well on the x-ray. The x-ray did show fluid surrounding Stinky's lungs. Sweet guy purred all the way through his exam and even through the needle stick.

I'm not a big keep-them-alive-at-all-costs person. I'm just waiting for the lab results to see if there's something we can do to keep him more comfortable for a few days or weeks, since he's not miserable, just very weak. He still purrs the whole time I'm near him.

Such a sweet lunk of a kitty.

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