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OK, he's no Stephen Colbert, but I loved this. I'm just trying to imagine W up there poking fun at himself and it's impossible. The joke about The Man Show is hilarious. And I was kindof shocked that he made more than one dog-eating joke. I love how easily he brushes off his crazier critics with humor.

And no, his adorableness is not the only reason I like him. If you google "Obama accomplishments" you'll see a lot more. And he's disappointed me greatly from time to time. Right now I'm just excited to have a president who's smart enough, and human enough, to pull off something like this. Yay for campaign season!


Jul. 25th, 2009 09:39 am
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This was terribly hard to read:

In spite of what you might think, it is possible to be a bleeding heart, pro-"socialist" liberal ("socialist" like socialized libraries, socialized post offices, and yes, socialized health care) and harbor a deep, abiding fear and mistrust of government entities. Particularly the entities concerning law "enforcement," "protection" and "justice." I know those quotation marks must be grating, but they're there for a reason. I regard the military and law enforcement as necessary evils. To me, those are the socialized programs that need to be carefully monitored, limited and controlled. There's a paradox in there somewhere, but I can't even think clearly about this stuff right now. There is nothing that stirs up more blind, impotent rage in me than the utter powerlessness of the individual against the machine of institutional "justice."

On the other hand, humans are capable of beautiful things. Check out the Chinese deaf dance team:

The part at about 2:20 gave me chills. And it is kinda cosmic that this video came up on a random ramble through YouTube as I was pontificating human suffering, because the subject of the dance is Quan Yin, the goddess of mercy and compassion, who helps those who are suffering.

Also, see this charming comment from another YouTube video of the same deaf dancers:

i never can saw this performance alive
by tv or web
but china
give us the best´╗┐
the chinese lider,
chinese goverment,
chinese people,
and china
have more gifts
to share world wide
just in the perfect time
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Embedding disabled by request. :(

I listened to this song yesterday in the car and decided to share it with you all. If you haven't heard much Eurythmics beyond Here Comes The Rain Again and Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This, try listening to this song with your eyes closed (i.e. not distracted by the video, although it is quite good for the time I think.)

Also, comment with your favorite Eurythmics song!

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It's a lot like The Daily Show; I get a lot of serious news AND hilarious crap from [ profile] ontd_political.

These make me laugh so hard, but I have to do it quietly because Blue is still asleep, so I'm all torn up inside now.

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I love this, and I know at least one other person on my FL will too! ;)

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Embedding is disabled... sorry.

I got WAY excited when I saw this on YouTube the other day. I love this song so much, and I don't think I'd ever seen the video. Robert Smith looks so great. I remember locking arms with tranny goths and skipping in circles on the dance floor at Zombie Zoo in Hollywood (at Osco's, which was torn down to build the hotel across from the Beverly Center) to this song. Good times.
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Lately I've been seeing so much (and collecting so much) video of the Republicans, and none of the Democrats. I started to think about why that is. Well, the Rs are sensationalistic these days. There are temper tantrums, folksy winks, train-wreck interviews, incoherence, seething refusals to shake hands with one's debate opponent or even to look at him, reptilian tongue thrusts, cheesy repetition of catch-phrases and talking points, and false accusations being thrown around. And let's not forget SNL parodies. Which all add up to some pretty fascinating video.

But then I thought, why am I not seeing as much video of Obama? This video shows a little bit of why I think that is. It also shows why I like him. He's calm, measured, engaged, intelligent, confident, and coherent. He talks about the issues rather than spending all his time attacking his opponents. He has plans that I largely agree with and he believes in those plans and in his team's ability to carry them out. He understands that a large part of the presidency is being a tone-setter, like the CEO of a major corporation--you have to communicate, give people a sense that someone is minding the store, let them know we're on the right track and call on them to participate. It may sound silly, but seriously guys, the figurehead aspect of presidency is SO important. Our mood and image as a nation depends on it. (Remember Ronald Reagan? Why do you think so many people loved him? Was it because of his policies? Or was it because he could convince them that we were A-OK?) Watch this video and imagine having this guy address the nation as we stumble through this crazy economic crisis, rather than our current 'president' who barely even bothers to show up on TV anymore.

EDIT: I am talking about the big video embedded in the story below, that says "Obama talks about the economy" or whatever.

Also, it kinda cracks me up how much he says "look."
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I know I'm posting a lot of political stuff lately and I know I'm not the only one.

I really like this ad! I kindof hope he does more like this in the near future. Although I don't know if this approach will work with people who aren't already planning to vote for him. I have no perspective on what might work or not. Still, this is a nice, direct, calm, positive approach and I hope it helps.


Apr. 10th, 2008 03:09 am
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I don't even know how many of my friends posted this already, so sorry if it's a repeat x1000. I love it though!


Dec. 8th, 2007 06:40 am
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The funny thing about this is that most of the comments are all "LOL FURRIES."


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