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- I love voting by mail with a permanent absentee ballot!

- With all my attention focused on prop 8 and the presidential race, I wasn't aware of all the other state and county propositions on the ballot this time. Doesn't it seem like propositions to decriminalize sex work and to make possession of less than an ounce of marijuana an infraction rather than a misdemeanor would attract some attention? Not in California, I guess.

- Infraction = fine only, misdemeanor = possible jail time + fine. I had to look it up.

- This time I didn't vote entirely in lockstep with my local pinko rag. I feel that nearly anything that encourages the development of renewable energy needs to be supported right now--it's symbolic. Also, I almost always vote for bond measures for hospitals and health care providers. I've worked in a lot of hospitals, and none of them were rich.

- Can you imagine what would happen if prop K passed and actually had its intended effect? If police stopped arresting sex workers, instead focusing on arresting their abusers? Just imagine that for a second.

- If you can't understand why I would say what I just said, read "Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do." I linked to it in my profile. I am pro decriminalization for any consensual, victimless act. Crazy, huh?

- I love that the proposition to raise taxes on high-end property sales includes a tax discount for buildings with solar energy systems.

- Oh wait, I forgot about my favorite one. We actually get to vote on whether to rename our giant sewage plant after George W Bush. Seriously. My commie pinko rag says no--on the grounds that it would be an insult to the fine facility and the great work that the employees do there. They say "Let's name something truly awful after W." LOL

- What?! They want to bring back the JROTC? Uh, no.
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Well, I have to say that by and large I'm very pleased with the election results. There are a couple things I'm disappointed about in California specifically, but as far as the Democrats taking both the House and the Senate, and Rumsfeld resigning, I say WOO HOO and it's ABOUT TIME! Now that they have some power, they can't make the same excuses. Now protection for endangered species might not be completely dismantled. Now we have a tiny chance to do something about global warming. Oh, I know, I'm as cynical as many of the people reading this. But just for a few days, I want to enjoy this feeling of hope and optimism. It's been so long.
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I voted, finally. It's funny to get an absentee ballot and then fill it in so late that you have to drop it off at the polling place anyway. But filling it out at home is easier--I can have the Bay Guardian's endorsements up on screen as I fill out the ballot. All of Arnie's propositions are going DOWN!!! :-)

I think about writing in this LJ all the time, but I rarely have time these days. Plus, since this is my ranting, venting, seedy-underbelly journal, I have the urge to write mostly rants, vents and seediness here. And I worry that looking back at it later I will revise my own history to be much darker and uglier than it actually is. I'm actually fairly happy most of the time. I just have a lot of stressors and a lot to bitch about at the moment.

Speaking of bitching, I got the bitchingest Viewmaster reels in the mail today. I know, I'm broke. But I'm on a major nostalgia quest. How else would one see 3D, true to life photos of Magic Mountain as it was in 1971? It was practically a wasteland! It's amazing. I got a Knott's Berry Farm set from 1977 too. It only had two pictures of the mine train and three of the log ride, but each of them is very satisfying. If I do make it to KBF in December I am going to bring a video camera on the log ride. Do they allow that?


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