Nov. 30th, 2009 09:29 am
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I'm having another panic-about-work day. All day. :(

Of course, this means I may post a million times as an escape from working. Ha ha.
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Well, howdy, everybody! I have a bunch of new LJ friends, thanks to the fabulous and amazing [ profile] slinksgirl, and I should be writing a bunch of dazzling new entries to welcome everyone to my super cool LJ, but I am BEE-HEE-HEE-HEEAT. I am so tired that I feel like I'm walking uphill with every step, and it makes me weepy.

This morning I had a meeting in Santa Cruz (1.5 hours away) and I was up at 5am preparing for it. When I got to the meeting and passed out the agenda packets, this one doctor totally bitched me out in front of everyone because I had pressed the wrong button on the copier without noticing and not only were the copies single-sided instead of double-sided, but the machine had inserted an entire blank piece of paper in between each page. So instead of 6 pages long the agenda was 24 pages long. The doctor didn't stop talking when I said it was a mistake--nooo, he gave the whole room a giant lecture on how reducing and reusing was even more important than recycling because recycling uses so much energy and blah blah blah, and OMG it was all I could do not to dissolve into tears at the table. I wanted to explain how the mistake got made and apologize more and explain how I've been cutting the agenda down to a smaller size every month and how ecogroovy I normally am and that I taught a bunch of my friends how to recycle back in the day and how much I care about the planet and how I'm a dirty tree-hugging hippie but of course that would have been silly. So I just sat there feeling stupid while he went on and on and on. Awesome.

Of course I pulled it together and the rest of the meeting went great but yeah, I need a nap. Hope you are all having a better and more energetic day than I am.
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So now I'm making a to-do list for the essential work-related stuff I have to do in the next 3 weeks or so. It's pretty ridiculous. I knew I was crazy but I didn't realize I was so deluded.
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Wow! I love working at this new hospital. The information desk people will actually help stuff envelopes. It took me a long time to ask, given my terminal fear of imposition, but when I finally did, they were super nice and helpful and sweet, and offered to stop doing what they were doing to finish my project first. WOW! This place rocks.

In other news, I killed three birds with one stone by purchasing a super keen, cute and tiny camcorder on sale. The three birds are: party tonight, birthday tape, and Brinn situation. I did all the research I wanted to do, so I feel good about the purchase decision I made. Go me!

Back to work...
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I've been working on my most urgent to-do list for 4 hours and have barely made a dent. I am really trying to get through some email but it's not working out either. There are 70 more from 2/16 to today on my work account that I absolutely must answer or process in some way. 426 items total in my work inbox, most of which need some action, but 70 just since 2/16. I can't figure out why my work life is so unmanageable, and how I could possibly make it any more manageable at all.

I got this Liquid Gel stuff for my eyes, because they get so dry when I'm working at the computer for hours late at night. I was hoping this stuff would make them feel nice and moist and happy. But they are worse now, like they have some dry film stuck to them. Oops. I might have to go to bed soon just to give my poor eyes a rest.
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Tax paperwork sucks, but I love doing the 1099-MISC forms. They take FOREVER and I have to fill them out by hand because I no longer have a typewriter (who does?), but it's fun because I get to feel good about all the money I sent out to people over the year. It is such a kick running a business and feeling the mutual-benefit, win-win love. The most I paid an individual in 2005 was over $33,000. Not bad for a second income! I wish I could find someone in the Santa Cruz area to catch up that one hospital. It's so hard to find people with the right mix of skills, interests, and motivation to do the work.


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