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[ profile] qweerdo posted about the movie Streetwise yesterday. I looked at the Wikipedia entry and was delighted to find that not only is this the movie I saw part of a long time ago and have always wanted to see again, but also the words "fazed" (actually "unfazed") and "phase" were used correctly in the same sentence. I know I'm a geek, but the misuse of phase for faze and unphased for unfazed drives me a little nuts. Bonus excitement: Apparently Baby Gramps is in this movie? I must get a copy for myself! I'm sure he's on for all of two seconds, but I love Baby Gramps in a very personal way.
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More grumping about English:

I'm so bugged! I was taught that the proper use of the word "myriad" is as an adjective, not a noun. I don't remember who taught me that "myriad problems" was correct while "a myriad of problems" was incorrect, but I took it to heart. I even edited it in my friend's grad school report last week. Now Merriam-Webster is telling me that either use is in fact correct. ARGH! I'm afraid it will always look wrong to me.

One I'm sure about, even after checking: I see a lot of LJ community posts using "weary" in place of "wary." "I'm wary of this brand" means you're unsure about or suspicious of it. "Weary" means tired.

I don't know why I'm telling you this. I just feel like saying it out loud, I guess.


Mar. 10th, 2009 06:52 pm
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Diffuse = To spread out.
Defuse = To render something less explosive (literally, remove the fuse, de-fuse)

When you're talking about making a situation or event less tense or toxic, you're talking about defusing the situation. Not diffusing the situation--you don't want to spread the tension around.


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