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I've been so busy that I forgot to mention my last visit to the pulmonologist. (At least I think I forgot to mention it.) I had a chest x-ray just before seeing him. He said it looks like my hilar lymphadenopathy is improving, and my skin lesions are all flat and fading, so it looks like I am going into spontaneous remission and likely will never have to be treated for sarcoid. Hooray! He also said it's quite rare for sarcoid to recur once it has regressed. So I'm probably out of the woods on that front.

I went to the breast care center today to have a little lump checked out. The surgeon was dismissive but not outright nasty when she said it was probably a plugged duct or something. I didn't think it was because it's been there more than a month, it's not painful, and it seems quite firm and fixed. But she looked at it, and she said that's what it is, and it might be there for a while--sometimes they "calcify down." So, another potential health problem is off the radar screen. They keep comin', I keep knockin' 'em down! It's like playing a video game or something.
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A friend remarked to me today that the last entries in my two LJs seem like they belong to two different people. I have to laugh. It's so true. I apologize to those of you who don't know me IRL--you must think I'm schizophrenic! The truth is, the tone of the other LJ is probably closer to my general mien--the same friend mentioned my "extraordinary innate optimism." Ha ha. No, really... I'm a pretty sunny sort. But this LJ is the place where I vent about the stressful things I deal with--more like a "real" journal as I've always used them. I've journaled for long chunks of my life, and I always wrote way more when I was stressed or depressed. I've certainly never journaled in public before. Even though this LJ isn't really public, it's a whole new idea for me. I hope I'm not stressing anyone else out with my grumbling about my trials and tribulations. Honestly I try not to think about the fact that anyone else might read this one. The other one is purely for public consumption, so almost all the potentially disturbing stuff gets edited out.

I was late for my ultrasound today, but they fit me in anyway. This one was of my lower legs. There are no blood clots in my veins, so that's good news. I'm still off the Lasix and my feet and ankles are not swollen anymore, so I really think my inguinal lymph nodes are shrinking. Maybe the worst of the sarcoid flare is over and I'm on the way to wellness already. If so, I will really have to think long and hard about whether to be treated at all.


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