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OK, he's no Stephen Colbert, but I loved this. I'm just trying to imagine W up there poking fun at himself and it's impossible. The joke about The Man Show is hilarious. And I was kindof shocked that he made more than one dog-eating joke. I love how easily he brushes off his crazier critics with humor.

And no, his adorableness is not the only reason I like him. If you google "Obama accomplishments" you'll see a lot more. And he's disappointed me greatly from time to time. Right now I'm just excited to have a president who's smart enough, and human enough, to pull off something like this. Yay for campaign season!
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I think this is so awesome. I really do. Ever since Ben & Jerry's set an example by tying their highest-paid executives' salaries to their lowest-paid workers' pay, I've been wishing there was a way to do that for less socially conscious companies. I know, I know, socialism blah-de-blah. Does anyone really think that "the economy" (meaning, the common American's fortune) is helped by paying CEOs multi-million-dollar salaries? The trickle-down effect? Really?
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I've been playing this song over and over. It's perfect for today.
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I love this, and I know at least one other person on my FL will too! ;)

The future

Nov. 23rd, 2008 10:14 am
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I know it's all talk right now--all Obama can do before the inauguration is talk and plan, right? But this New Deal stuff is exactly what I would want my imaginary ideal president to do in a time like this. I'm relishing just feeling hopeful again. Obviously the economy has to be fixed; that aside, my top priorities are health care and the environment. So it's really exciting to me to see "wind farms and solar panels, fuel-efficient cars and the alternative energy technologies" repeatedly mentioned in fix-the-economy planning talks. Woo hoo!
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Lately I've been seeing so much (and collecting so much) video of the Republicans, and none of the Democrats. I started to think about why that is. Well, the Rs are sensationalistic these days. There are temper tantrums, folksy winks, train-wreck interviews, incoherence, seething refusals to shake hands with one's debate opponent or even to look at him, reptilian tongue thrusts, cheesy repetition of catch-phrases and talking points, and false accusations being thrown around. And let's not forget SNL parodies. Which all add up to some pretty fascinating video.

But then I thought, why am I not seeing as much video of Obama? This video shows a little bit of why I think that is. It also shows why I like him. He's calm, measured, engaged, intelligent, confident, and coherent. He talks about the issues rather than spending all his time attacking his opponents. He has plans that I largely agree with and he believes in those plans and in his team's ability to carry them out. He understands that a large part of the presidency is being a tone-setter, like the CEO of a major corporation--you have to communicate, give people a sense that someone is minding the store, let them know we're on the right track and call on them to participate. It may sound silly, but seriously guys, the figurehead aspect of presidency is SO important. Our mood and image as a nation depends on it. (Remember Ronald Reagan? Why do you think so many people loved him? Was it because of his policies? Or was it because he could convince them that we were A-OK?) Watch this video and imagine having this guy address the nation as we stumble through this crazy economic crisis, rather than our current 'president' who barely even bothers to show up on TV anymore.

EDIT: I am talking about the big video embedded in the story below, that says "Obama talks about the economy" or whatever.

Also, it kinda cracks me up how much he says "look."
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I know I'm posting a lot of political stuff lately and I know I'm not the only one.

I really like this ad! I kindof hope he does more like this in the near future. Although I don't know if this approach will work with people who aren't already planning to vote for him. I have no perspective on what might work or not. Still, this is a nice, direct, calm, positive approach and I hope it helps.

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I like this chart because it at least attempts to proportionally represent the number of people affected by tax cuts in various brackets. Check out where the median income lines are!
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"Any fool can have a child! That doesn't make you a father!" LOL

I love the bit from 2:30-4:30 or so. (Well, actually, I liked pretty much the whole thing but that was a good part.)

EDIT: I just finished watching it and thought I might warn you that he starts preaching at about 22:20. He's in a church.

I did end up getting something for Evan today. Blue and I went and got him an adorable tiny little MP3 player to clip on to his clothes when he goes running. Supporting his ambitions, and so on. Blue was really sweet in the store; he held my hand the whole time and was interested in everything but not wild at all. We wrapped up the present when we got home and brought it downstairs to give to Evan. I said "Happy Father's day!" and Blue said "It's for running!" :D
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Already I am SICK TO DEATH of the constant fear-mongering and racist attacks on Obama. It's just so infuriating and so incredibly sad. One day it's "Oh he bumped fists with Michelle on his way to the podium" and the next day it's Curious George Obama t-shirts or Michelle being called his "baby mama" or some dumb YouTube video link being passed around that intones "Barack HUSSEIN Obama" about 50 times. The constant subtle message is "You can't trust this guy. He has a funny name. He's black. He might even be Muslim. He's a terrorist who will give everything to the BLACK PEOPLE! RUN!!!!!!"

I. AM. SO. SICK. OF. THIS. I am sick of racism. I am weary. I knew it would be bad, I knew there would be so much of this, and actually this is one of the best things about him being the Democratic candidate; there will be a whole lot of misunderstanding a whole lot of BS, but hopefully his candidacy will continue to stir up opportunities to discuss matters of race in this country. It's just... I don't know how much of it I am up for. Racism is a subject I have very passionate opinions about. But it's HARD to talk about, for a million reasons. For one, I feel so strongly that it's hard to form coherent sentences sometimes. Also, it's something people feel really defensive about. And the more I put into understanding POC points of view, the farther I get from the mainstream white point of view, and the harder it is to remember how to get from there to here. (Not that I have some exalted understanding, but I have put some time in.) And of course there's the fact that I am white and I really don't know much compared to your average American person of color, so I can't speak from any sort of authority and it's hard to try to educate someone else when you feel unsure of yourself. I feel the way I did for a long time about environmental issues. Since I am not a scientist and I did not have all the scientific facts at my disposal when challenged by a skeptic, plus I am not perfect on all environmental fronts (obviously!) I felt that I could not try to educate anyone else about maybe going a little greener. I'm over that one, but I feel the same way about issues of race. Plus, environmentalism can be spread by leading by example, my preferred method of any sort of change. Racism is not so easy--it must be challenged, discussed, examined; one can't just "lead by example" and hope to effect change.

Anyway. It's sad sad sad that it's come to this. But Obama has put together a page to debunk some of the more vicious myths that are circulating about him. Next time you get an email forward with some ridiculous rumor about him in it, you might want to reply with this website. It won't necessarily change anyone's mind ("Oh, but that's HIS website, he could be lying!") but at least you don't have to let the lie go unchallenged.

And there's always

That won't stop the monkey comparisons, either, but it's something.
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OH HOW I LOVE GOOGLE CHAT. I never loved an IM program before. I avoided them. But Google makes it soooo easy. And when I am done, the chat is automatically saved like an email. HIP HIP HOORAY. I am over the moon about gmail. I was so skeptical at first, but now... the only thing I want is to be able to export everything so I can save it forever. I'm a saver, you know.

I got one of those email forwards today that said this:

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!
The Correct Response

In Larry King's recent interview with Jon Stewart, Larry brought up the subject of the primaries and asked him if America is ready for a woman or a black president.

Jon looked at him quizzically and said "This is such a non-question. Did anyone ask us in 2000 if Americans were ready for a moron?"

I love it too, but I wanted to check it out before posting it. I googled a couple key words and found several similar quotes. Then I found the actual transcript of the program. It turns out that what Jon Stewart said and the context in which he said it were a bit different. But the intent was basically the same. I loved reading the entire transcript; you might too if you (1) have time and/or read really fast, and (2) have some sense of Jon Stewart's general style and delivery.

Here is the excerpt in question. It's interesting to compare the original with what it was boiled down to for an email forward.

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