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The Kim family tragedy is freaking me out a little bit in a personal way because apparently they were headed to Gold Beach, Oregon. Gold Beach is where my dad crashed his plane. I have lately been wondering if the wreckage is still there in the mountains--apparently it's often left if it's in a place where it would be difficult to remove. But they had to go there to get his body, so I don't know.

Aubrey is here watching Blue (Bless you, Aubrey!) so I am supposed to be working--and I am, but I took a short break to write this. I hope I don't get in trouble with Aubrey. :P Anyway, I just wanted to note that Evan saw a neurosurgeon this morning who showed us his ruptured disk on the MRI and recommended surgery, which will hopefully be scheduled for next week. I don't know anything about recovery times or measures yet.
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OK, so now I'm starting to freak out a little.

Evan went to the doctor's office today. The doctor saw him trying to sit down in the waiting room, heard him mention numbness and tingling in his lower leg, and sent him straight back to Emergency. There, they gave him more (different) pain meds and told him to call his doctor. So we're back to square one, and no one has any idea what the problem might be.

Except that they saw a "bulging disk" on the CT scan. I'm getting that secondhand from Ev, and the final report isn't done, so I don't know exactly what flavor of bulging disk it is or whether it is potentially related to Evan's problem.

Evan's been totally bedridden, except for hobbling pathetically around to clinics and hospitals and causing himself a lot more pain, since Sunday. He's grotty and bored and depressed and worried.

Today, for the first time, I let myself think a little bit beyond the next few hours, into the next few days and weeks. And I got really scared. I am in the middle of a huge crunch, with a frightening deadline on the 1st of December and another on the 14th. Oh, and a big meeting in between, on the 7th. So I was counting on Evan a lot. Luckily we've engaged Danni for three days a week instead of two through December (not that we can afford it or anything), but that isn't going to solve my problem. I started calling around and of course my fabulous friends are already answering the rallying cry, but I'm petrified nonetheless. When Evan takes Blue, he takes him for the entire day and sometimes into the night. No one else can do that, and I can't afford to pay anyone to anyway. It just started to look like we might be able to stop increasing our debt this month, and now that's not true. But truly, I *have* to meet these deadlines. My professional reputation depends on it, and I am not exaggerating.

OK, I'm blabbering. It's still possible that this is a medication reaction and that it will suddenly and magically disappear. It would be weird and rare, but not unheard of.

I haven't really started to think about longer-term disability yet, like months or years. What would be the point? Although Evan said they told him in the ER that he would need a wheelchair.

Anyway, it'll probably be fine, and everything will work out. I just needed to flip out here a little bit.

Happy Thanksgiving, pretty soon, everyone! :-)
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Evan came home Sunday night in a cab, on crutches, with a bunch of pain medicine coursing through his veins. The x-ray was negative, the CT was negative, and all the ER folks could really do was scratch their heads and tell him to see his regular doctor. He managed to get upstairs and onto the futon, so we both went to sleep after midnight. I woke at around 5am to hear him yelling my name from the living room, and whimpering, in terrible pain. I managed to get out of him that they'd given him a prescription (for about 2 days' worth of TyCo #3) so I grabbed it and rushed off to the 24-hour pharmacy. Thankfully Blue didn't wake up, so I left him in bed (Evan could call me or rouse Nathan downstairs if Blue woke up.) The pharmacist filled the prescription immediately, hooray, so I raced back to the house and gave Evan a pill. He'd calmed down somewhat by then, but I couldn't get back to sleep. So I had a rough time on Monday trying to get a bit of work done and making sure Evan's needs were met. Thankfully Monday was a Danni day so Blue was well taken care of.

So Evan still isn't able to stand up or bear any weight on that hip. His mom will come over and help him go to see his doctor today while I'm at work and Blue is with Danni.
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There's this great little market close to my house that specializes in treats from Ireland, along with all the regular neighborhood-market stuff. I stopped by there on my way home from the hospital tonight, and now I am eating a Cadbury's Turkish dairy milk chocolate bar, which is something I discovered in England and haven't seen here in the U.S. until today. It's weird, a bit perfumey and not really my favorite, but I had to have it for nostalgia's sake.

Cute--it's an instant-winner sweepstakes bar, and inside the wrapper there's a box that says "Hard luck this time. Please try again."

Oh, yes, I said hospital. You noticed. Blue and I took Evan to the Emergency Department this morning because he developed a sharp and jarring pain in his hip joint overnight. He couldn't walk at all this morning and was in terrible pain. We called his doctor who recommended he go to the ER, so off we went. He is still there (almost midnight) but they haven't found anything wrong on an x-ray or a CT scan, so he's on his way home. I can't even go pick him up because Blue is sleeping and Nathan isn't home. Poor guy has to come on crutches and take a cab.


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